terça-feira, 12 de outubro de 2010

You're reaching for the infinite heart

"There is a story which
is waiting for the heart,
to write
I am going crazy here,
just waiting you
to close up the
When the love in a woman
finds the love in a man,
there is nothing too precious
to hold it
The door is open for the time
when you heart returns
In the silence of a kiss
we will burn, when the heat
in a woman
Finds the heat in a man,
the flame burns forever
There's come a time my love
when the searching has to end
I'm on the wrong-way street,
I need more than just a friend
And I'm standing here,
just trying to touch the stars,
nothing else to lose when
You're reaching for the infinite heart"

Um comentário:

Rita Dorneles disse...

WOW!!! Beautiful letter, deeply romantic ;-)
Love is in the air my sweetheart, and you just need to live happy and wait that one day your love come to you... Arrgg bad English!
Big Kiss
Crazy Aunt